12.10 Weekly horoscopes!

12.10 Horoscopes by Leah Tioxon

Aries - Don’t just give voice to your dreams - write them down! All of them. You can be practical another week. 

Taurus - Speak into what is hidden and weave worlds together with your stories. You have an ability to touch hearts with untold truths this week.

Gemini - Time to be vulnerable and tell your loved ones how you really feel. Get mushy and gushy, but make sure it’s genuine. Temper any anger with compassion.

Cancer - You know what you need. Now you need to ask for it. Don’t compromise your own well-being in order to keep the peace. 

Leo - You can wax poetic to the extreme when the mood strikes and a muse lights your fire. Pour your passion into words this week and see what you create.

Virgo - Write a letter to yourself at a tender age this week - a younger you that could use some good advice or a decent dose of hope. You’re turning out great, aren’t you?

Libra - It’s a week to break old habits in how you communicate. Be bold, be brave, be super duper honest in all your conversations, even when it feels scary.

Scorpio - Set some new goals this week and write down *all* the resources you need to make them feasible. Including what you need for your own peace of mind.

Sagittarius - Stay away from people who think you talk too much because this is a week to really put yourself out there, and haters need not rain on your parade. 

Capricorn - Trade skepticism for curiosity and see what you discover when you suspend the disbelief. Prepare to be surprised.

Aquarius - Get your big ideas in front of an audience! You might find unexpected help, and you also might inspire others to dream and do more.

Pisces - Take a bow and bask in the appreciation of a job well done. You are impressively successful when you want to be. So what comes next?