Second to Last of 2018 - Weekly Horoscopes!

Aries - Offer yourself the deepest compassion and hibernate as needed. Cocoon yourself in the warmth of Love and let the feelings flow in space that feels safe.

Taurus - Find your own unique way to celebrate the great cosmic symphony and to honor your part in it. Even the smallest kindness ripples out, spreading light.

Gemini - There is no hiding the truth from those who trust what they feel more than what they see. Work with what *is* rather than what *appears* to be so.

Cancer - Put down the books, turn off the shows and noise, and give yourself time to be with *you* - without any distraction or interference. Enjoy the spaciousness of your being.

Leo - You have journeyed into the unknown and forged your own path, at times painfully. Now, sink into the sweet spot you’ve discovered.

Virgo - Let yourself be loved by a flawed, imperfect human. Because every human has flaws and life is better together. Love is never perfect, but it’s totally worth the mess.

Libra - Hey, you are amazing. And you look super hot. Yes, it’s in the stars!

Scorpio - Don’t be jealous of Libra. The world would not exist without you, Scorpio. We all know that. And you’re sexy AF.

Sagittarius - You get to create a sense of home wherever and however you’d like. If you are well on your way to doing this, stop and celebrate! If not, start! 

Capricorn - Sometimes being your brother’s keeper feels more like being a zookeeper. It’s ok to take a break from the burden of responsibility. Eggnog?

Aquarius - Spend a whole day doing things you’re really good at (yes that can include napping), and then congratulate yourself on how awesome you are. Yeah!!

Pisces - Are you your actions? Your looks? Your words? Are you defined by the people you love? Everything is a fractal - it’s all connected and all unique. Just go with Love.