2018 Comes to a Close

Good morning on the last day of the year.

I’m stuck in an airport in Maine - after being sick for days in a city away from home. All I want is to be home and in my bed - I want to ring in the new year cozy and warm and while it’s still hours away - and over a thousand miles away - I know that will happen.

So - cheers to closing out the new year in a way that will serve us all well. Here’s one more set of horoscopes from Leah Tioxon. Here’s to a cozy 2019. I’m into it.


Aries - You’ve had time to renegotiate your relationship to work. Take what you’ve learned and make yourself a promise for the year ahead that feels oh-so-good.

Taurus - You’ve re-examined your beliefs and you have a better understanding of who you are. Own it! Commit to living a little louder this year.

Gemini - You’ve dived into some deeper waters and made some new discoveries. Keep going! Honor your thirst for experiential learning this year. 

Cancer - You’ve opened to receiving from others in new ways. How would you like your partnerships to nourish you in the year ahead? Call it in.

Leo - You’ve restructured how your daily needs get met. As things continue to shift, stay committed to what feels best. Listen to your body with love.

Virgo - You’ve let in more joy this year, and made room for the unexpected. Keep those doors open and invite delight. 

Libra - You’ve redefined what family means and you’re finding your place within that. Allow for more gentleness as you navigate new terrain.

Scorpio - You’ve learned some things the hard way and that’s ok. Cultivate compassion when you face the mirror. Love is infinite - apply liberally.

Sagittarius - Your sense of self has strengthened and deepened. Cherish this inner goldmine as you share your light. Take even sweeter care of you.

Capricorn - This has been a year of immense personal growth. High five yourself and make sure to celebrate. No more holding back your humor, your ideas, or your desire. 

Aquarius - You’ve accessed a deeper current and you’re learning how to roll with it. Keep trusting this flow as it brings you to new people and experiences.

Pisces - You’ve faced some demons this year, both inner and outer. Looks like you’ve come out on top. Cry, laugh, celebrate, chill. You do you. You’ve earned it!