The Time (For Action) is Nigh


Forbes ran an article recently: “Millennials, Here’s Why You Are Addicted to Self-Help.” The premise went like this: we turn to self-help to feel better, to jump-start some inner positivity. Then we get hyper-focused on rooting out any inner negativity, which often requires--yep--more self-help. And on and on. Meanwhile, out in the world, nothing is changing. At least, not because we’ve directed our energy toward it.


Working on positive thinking and inner dialog can create a cycle of inaction. And while our interior landscape, who we believe we are at the core, is important for sure, we’re limiting our own magic if we just stop there. I love how the article points out that really shaking things up requires you to "...commit to actioning what you learn in the real world." And that’s how I function too. I invite my clients to lean into action in every pocket of the day because, when we do, there simply isn’t time for second guessing or "waiting" for something to happen to / for us.


Good, positive, soul-filled action is where the magic happens. I am here because I want to help inspire people. But inspiration has to be paired with motivation for real progress and change to occur. Basically, finding your truth--and manifesting all that’s in you--is going to look like work. Sometimes really uncomfortable work.

I'm not saying don't have your healing, inspiring, learn-a-book tools - because we all do and we should. But tools without implementation enable stagnation. If you work with me, and I see you doing nothing with all the amazing energy we stir up, we gonna have a come-to. That’s part of the package: good, old-fashioned accountability.

Stand up, right now, and do SOMETHING.

Get your blood flowing, stretch some muscles. Remind your body, mind, and soul that you're in charge of your motions (literal and figurative).

You're doing it. Keep going. It's happening.✨

Read the article (not just for millennials). It’s a five minute-er. Let me know what you think!