Post Full Moon, MLK Jr. Horoscopes ✨

Coming off all the energy of the moon last night and in the spirit of observing and celebrating MLK Jr. today - these ‘scopes from Leah Tioxon are 💪🏽🔥💪🏽!

Horoscopes Jan 21-27, 2019

Aries - Life is turned up a notch and you just need to live into your awesome. Is it too much? Probably. Who cares? More! Louder for the ones in the back!

Taurus - Keep taking risks with your communication. Risks that feel good. Risks that honor what you Know and Feel. You are a beacon.

Gemini - It's ok to let your guard down and feel the squishy, tender, maybe-bruised parts of your heart. Share your biggest feelings with those who love you.

Cancer - Put twinkly lights around your mirror, pop open something bubbly, and sign up for something enriching (or write yourself a check). Celebrate yourself with an authentic investment.

Leo - Face the music - of your SOUL. Then break out your best moves and serenade the ones you love in the special ways only you can. You're a good friend. Own it!

Virgo - Fancy china and sparkling silver can make for a nice meal, but what really feeds your soul? Dig in this week, even if you have to use your hands.

Libra - Rock out with your weird self. Share the more eccentric parts of you with the world this week. You will endear yourself to friends and repel enemies with ease!

Scorpio - Get ready for a shake-up in how you work and what you do. Stay true to you, and call in more enjoyment and ease!

Sagittarius - Your inner teenager is having some big hormonal shifts this week. Make space for intense feelings and admire your desire...with a dash of practicality.

Capricorn - Leave familiar behind this week - it's a time to blast past comfort zones and transform old patterns in profound and exciting ways. 

Aquarius - It's your time to shine! Celebrate your season with some extra indulgence & love yourself the way you deserve. This opens the door for others to love you better, too.

Pisces - Your life is getting a makeover and it's time to be more vocal about what you most want and need. Pick 3 things that matter. Write them down. Tell your people.