NOW It Feels Like 2019!

First 2019 Horoscopes are here and I know this isn’t true for all’yall - but this definitely feels like the first day of the year for me.

And perhaps for good reason! January 5th 2018 I gave birth to a precious surrogate-birth baby girl (I grew a human for another family, yo!) and somehow energetically, mentally, perhaps even physically - I just wasn’t ready for the new year last Tuesday!

But here I am - I’m on the other side of a super shitty cold - and 365 days since I reset in my own body, post pregnancy - and finally feeling excellent about the year-to-come.

I was super stoked to see Leah Tioxon’s first horoscopes of 2019 roll across my desk. Here they are for all of you - ENJOY! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Aries - Enjoy those rose-colored glasses, but don’t leap just yet. It’s a week to dream, plan, brainstorm, and let hope float you. 

Taurus - Explore all the possibilities for mystical adventures and play in-between worlds this week. Friends both seen and unseen want to engage!

Gemini - Seeing the best in others helps you see the best in yourself, and vice versa. Pick one lucky person and lavish on the love!

Cancer - You might not be able to do ALL the things, but with some creative scheduling, you might just find that you can do the things you most want to. Make fun a priority this week.

Leo - Rawrrrr. Purrrrr. Meow. Let your inner feline pounce and prowl this week. But don’t forget the cat naps! Balance activity and rest.

Virgo - You might be tempted to redecorate the whole house, but maybe start with one room. Experiment with ways to effect the biggest shift with the smallest change.

Libra - What is possible when you believe that anything is possible? Explore your community with more open eyes this week and see what kind of fantastic finds you.

Scorpio - Trust, love. And trust love. Strengthen that muscle this week by dumping any loads weighing on your heart and affirming that in THIS moment, you choose to trust. Breathe in to that space.

Sagittarius - What do you love most about your wild and wacky self? What do you love that others might not? Embrace the fullness of your being with unbridled joy!

Capricorn - Sink deep into the marrow of your most delicious dream. Let form give way to pure potentiality. Move to the music of your soul.

Aquarius - Don’t be afraid to stand apart. It’s a week to launch arrows of desire in new directions. Be brave, aim steady, stay true to your heart. 

Pisces - You have a wider reach than you realize, and people are touched by your presence in ways you may never know. Bask in some well-deserved appreciation this week!