It’s a Great Day For a Question!

Brought to us by Leah Tioxon, this week’s ‘scopes intend to inspire contemplation.

2.11.2019 Horoscopes:

Aries - Are you creating a life that feeds you or one that drains you? What needs to shift?

Taurus - Where do you feel most free to be yourself? How can you spread that feeling throughout your life?

Gemini - What legacy are you creating? At the end of your days, what do you hope to gift the world?

Cancer - What questions have you avoided answering? Where in your life do you protect yourself from pain?

Leo - When and with whom do you feel most fierce? Most flowing? How can you cultivate more of that?

Virgo - Do you allow yourself to be seen by those who care about you, in your messy feelings and broken spaces? How can you invite more support and connection?

Libra - What do you need most in your life right now?

Scorpio - How can you change the world? What sets your heart on fire?

Sagittarius - What would help you feel totally at home in yourself?

Capricorn - Have you taken time to see your impact on others? What lives are made better by your presence?

Aquarius - What comes next? Live in the question. See what shows up.

Pisces - Does the person you want to be seen as lovingly accept the person you actually are? Start there.