The Forest Among The Trees

It’s mid-week and I’m feeling human and gracious and present - for the first time this week. Something’s afoot - and it’s a fun time for allowing full integration of the new energies around.

I’ve allowed for a lot of that integration. I was forced at first with acute pain - and then I surrendered. I’ve slept SO much - and I’ve seen and talked and worried and listened (not enough) and slowly there seems to be a new space for me to be me.

I am barely catching up on a Wednesday - and that’s okay. Here’s to the rest of the week - or next few days - or to infinity. Be here now.

That’s where I am.


Affirmations for Activated Abundance

Aries - I am fearlessly claiming my own greatness and embracing my most tender truths. I make simple changes that invite ease and wellness into each day. 

Taurus - I walk unencumbered towards the life I most desire. I resonate with Truth and dance with Delight, alive with passionate purpose, my creative potential fully resourced.

Gemini - I eagerly open to new truths, releasing shame and wrongness as I reconnect with the purity and innocence of my inner Light. I create a beautiful home for my soul.

Cancer - I am free to be, to feel, and to connect in the ways I choose. I offer myself grace, understanding, and love at all times. My community celebrates me.

Leo - I am ready to Show Up in the fullness of my Being: brilliant, bright, and having a blast. I am loved unconditionally. All of my needs are met with ease.

Virgo - It is safe for me to be seen. It is safe for me to feel. It is safe to ask for help. I face the fire of transformation with ample support, confident I will make it through to the other side.

Libra - I am a gorgeous new day with great hair and sweet smells. I am an evolutionary curiosity free to experiment and explore. My love is the sun and I let it shine.

Scorpio - I am consciously cultivating creative connections that turn my life into Art. I am exquisitely loved in my darkest depths. I embrace my extra in its entirety.

Sagittarius - I am unstoppable in the pursuit of my calling. I am continually met with whatever I need for each new step. I bless the world joyful optimism, uplifting others as I rise.

Capricorn - I allow myself to rest, fully and completely, as I absorb and integrate all I have learned. I understand the value in restoration and offer myself that vital nourishment with gratitude.

Aquarius - I open to loving connections that nurture my freedom and feed my soul. I am wholeheartedly cultivating a community of kindness. Why? Because it’s the Age of Aquarius, baby.

Pisces - I am loved and I am loving. I am entirely deserving of the dreamiest life I can imagine, and I gleefully welcome more joy, more play, more adventure, and more rest.