There Are Horoscopes Here Too But First...

Y’all! I love creating on-brand visuals for Neon Cardigan - and sometimes it just doesn’t serve my soul - so I’m here today to remind all’y’all that you can take a break from things you sometimes love. You can avoid things that “are supposed” to fill you all the way up.

You can even reject chores altogether if it serves you best in any way to do so. We gotta serve ourselves first - we can’t serve anyone else if we’re not full - what’s on your plate? Is it all scrumptious?

And now for the horoscopes from Leah Tioxon for this beautiful week. Please, fill up on these. You have been served (with love).


Aries - Nope. Just no. Do not take on more work unless it absolutely brings you joy and supports your well-being. 

Taurus - Hands up, this rollercoaster is heading down! Luckily, it’s a rollercoaster of (divine) love. Your stomach might end up in your throat, but you are totally safe.

Gemini - Up the weird factor by 100. It’s a week to try all kinds of new stuff with all kinds of new people. Stay safe, have fun.

Cancer - Do your own thang! Take a chance on a new solo project or work with a new partner. Mix it up this week and surprise those who think they know you (including you).

Leo - Play around with a new routine that allows for more freedom and deeper moments of meaning. Something needs to shift. See what shows up.

Virgo - No need to solve anything - this is a week to be in the mystery. Find what feels good. Apply liberally. Don’t worry, it will wash off.

Libra - Hug a tree, gaze at the stars, dip into the ocean. Let nature offer you the exact right balance of comfort and expansion. You are tiny. You are everything. You are free.

Scorpio - Shhhhh. What do you hear when you stop replaying the past or plotting your future? Find the right-now.

Sagittarius - Peaceful, joyful, harmonized connections abound... if you can move through the discomfort of disentangling from whatever is not aligned. Weed that garden, babe.

Capricorn - Grab your hat and sunglasses, it’s a week to be incognito. Ditch the schedule and throw on the invisibility cloak. What do you see when no one is looking at you?

Aquarius - Do not drown in despair. There are daffodils and sunrises and too much art in your soul. Temper every ounce of pain with spellbinding beauty. Here. Now.

Pisces - Let all the good come in from all directions. Your self-worth and your bank account are up for a boost. Cha-Ching!