Four Hour Branding Workshop Love


Hemp Dog is the latest brand designed by Neon Cardigan. And they deserve a quick highlight!

Their products will include hemp-based collars and leads and CBD edibles for pets! Check back soon for their eCommerce store and local stockists!

The guys behind Hemp Dog purchased our four hour (yes, hour) workshop and had only a name when we sat down. When we were done they were set up with all of this and more:

  1. Their logo had been designed, chosen, and iterated and they loved it

  2. Copy had been written to support all of the blocks on their website

  3. The website was live - LIVE!

  4. Their social media accounts had been created

  5. Domain-specific email was established

  6. And they had the files they needed to go order stickers and other brand swag

  7. Plus a few freebies - like they got new packaging mockups because we had extra time

hempdogpackagingAsset 3@2x.png

If you’re wondering if your branding project can run this smoothly, chances are it can - but also, you should email me and we can have a discussion about your needs. Not every project is a good fit for the same-day launch - but boy are the good fits fun!

With an initial project interview and a bit of client homework ahead of our working session, we were totally set up for success with this one. Making fast decisions as a collective — with the best interests of the brand in mind — was full of ease.

Got one like this for us? Visit our Branding Page and check out our four hour workshop: “More in Four”.