Prickly Monday Vibes

For all kinds of reasons, today is feeling a bit prickly. Grateful for Leah Tioxon dropping these little nuggets of truth on all of us.

Enjoy this week’s messages:

Horoscopes for  March 11-17, 2019

Aries - Quiet contemplation & sacred space will be your best friends this week. Apply mindfulness meditation techniques to whatever you are doing, but do try to do less.

Taurus - Reflect on the community you’ve cultivated & how (or if) it aligns with your deepest values. If change is needed, be the change.

Gemini - Speak from the heart, admit your mistakes, and focus on what matters. It’s a week to bring more meaning - and more of your realest self - into your work.

Cancer - What happens when you choose to step outside your comfort zone? It’s a good week to find out. Stay curious.

Leo - Who enriches your life the most? Who inspires you? Who helps you grow? What new collaborations & connections might serve you? Get clear on that this week.

Virgo - It’s a week to work through old grudges in whatever way feels most freeing. Just one grudge? If you feel resistant or defensive, you’re on the right track. What are you holding on to?

Libra - Nourish yourself with simple, health-centered routines this week. If all you manage to do is drink 64 ounces of water a day, great! Let that be enough.

Scorpio - Where & how have you held back your passion or suppressed your joy? Dive a little deeper into why, with sensitivity and compassion.

Sagittarius - Stuff on the homefront might be requiring more of your attention this week. Where are you most needed? Be there. The pie chart of your life is always fluctuating.

Capricorn - Consider your words carefully this week & reflect on what you’ve learned from past miscommunications. You are always growing!

Aquarius - This is a good week to revisit the times you’ve built your confidence by taking risks. What new risks can you take this year to call in more of what you want?

Pisces - Take some extra time to celebrate yourself this week. Honor your resilience, and be a little more selfish - you’re a little *too* good at putting other people ahead of yourself.