Weekly Horoscopes

Horoscopes for March 18-24, 2019

Aries - Drink herbal infusions. Meditate for 5 minutes each day. Get a massage from a friend or a pro. Take care of your body, focus your mind, breathe with your spirit.

Taurus - Make art. Or make an artistic mess. Play. Write. Sing. Skip. Be spontaneous. Let your inner child call the shots. (Ice cream for dinner?)

Gemini - Clean your house. Declutter, rearrange the furniture, get new sheets for your bed. Write a letter to your little kid self about how awesome you grow up to be.

Cancer - Take a walk around the block. Smell the flowers. Wave to the neighbors. Pick up some trash. Recycle. Celebrate the little things you do that make a difference.

Leo - Put some money in savings (pay yourself first). Pay the bills. At least the most important ones. Then buy yourself a little treat. Remind yourself that you are enough, just as you are.

Virgo - Wear some bold colors. Howl at the moon. Ask for what you want. Out loud and without expectation. 

Libra - Trust yourself. Spend some time in solitude. Sleep more. Write down your dreams.

Scorpio - Give your friends the shout-out they deserve. Extract yourself from obligations that weigh you down. Donate to a cause that matters. Drive with the windows down and feel the breeze.

Sagittarius - Get to work on the things you’ve been putting off. Stay focused, but leave ample time for play and relaxation. Reacquaint yourself with peaceful productivity.

Capricorn - Dig deeper into your personal philosophy. Question your beliefs and whether they still hold true. What principles guide your life? What teachers have been most influential?

Aquarius - Unravel something you’ve been carrying shame around. When did the shame start? Who/what caused it? Go back in time and love yourself there.

Pisces - Love on those who have your back. Tell them how they can best love on you. Then let them.