"T" is for Thursday and for TOTALLY LATE Horoscopes


This week has been the wildest, most hectic, full of goodness and challenges kind of week everrr. I’m posting weekly horoscopes TODAY for example. Wow.

But - truth is I haven’t read my own this week either - even though precious Leah sent them to me quite on time. So I figure - here we are! This is me being HUMAN - and here we have a beautiful, second half of the week boost & validator that we’re still alive and kicking & doin’ alright indeed. All the good vibes!

Weekly Horoscopes!

Aries - Whenever you feel frustrated this week, take a deep breath, relax your jaw, and choose to say something tender and kind - to yourself or to someone nearby.

Taurus - Send out ripples of love and let yourself float wherever they take you. It’s a week to let things be easy, breezy, and open to where the current moves you.

Gemini - Practice asserting yourself with energy rather than words. Let your presence be felt without actively drawing attention. Pretend you’re a Jedi this week.

Cancer - Meditate, rest, sleep, dream. Let your adventures be internal and abstract this week. A lot is happening, it’s just deep under the surface. Allow things to be unclear.

Leo - You don’t always know how your needs and desires will be met. This is a week to play in the questions and see what wants to show up. Enjoy this interesting mix of intensity and ease.

Virgo - Take a chance on being a little more needy this week. We all have needs. Which ones of yours require more attention?

Libra - Play. Explore. Experiment. Question. But also meditate for at least 5 minutes every day. Find a healthier balance between discipline and freedom this week. Don’t overdo either.

Scorpio - Dare to ask yourself what you won’t admit that you want. What ache or longing have you been holding down deep inside? Can you let it surface?

Sagittarius - When do you feel lonely? When do you most enjoy being alone? What’s the difference between these experiences?

Capricorn - If you could throw out everything you’ve learned and start the week with completely fresh eyes, what might you see? Try being a visitor from outer space.

Aquarius - Give yourself more of what you love. Don’t ration your appreciation of life or save your unabashed enjoyment for a rainy day. Here. Now. More. Love!

Pisces - Seek simple comforts this week. A warm patch of sunlight. Soft fabric. Fresh squeezed juice. Activate your senses and let time slow down. Be!