Let's Consult The Stars!

Do you already? I’m definitely no expert in astrology but I have people around me who are and when you get them talking about this stuff - the truth and power behind it is irrefutable - and oh so FUN.

You all likely know Leah Tioxon (@leahtrox) is the creator of the weekly horoscopes I post (with her blessing). She’s a friend, a confidant, and she’s my astrologer! If you have ANY interest in consulting the stars to gain insight about your path, your person, and your purpose - run, don’t walk to leahtioxon.com and book a session with her today. She’s local to Atlanta but travels for group events.

Now, let’s see what she’s got for us this week…


Horoscopes for March 4-10, 2019

Aries - You need your village. And they need you. Sink deeper into the energy of symbiotic connection this week.

Taurus - How you show up in the world is changing. Yes, again. You have the ability to lead others into a deeper relationship with their own heart... by going there first.

Gemini - Thank you for your willingness to find the good - or at least the interesting - in others. You help people see value where they might overlook it.

Cancer - Hold on to what feels most true, even when it means you have to back out of commitments. Your core values aren’t up for negotiation. Everything else is.

Leo - Get raw, get juicy, get deep. There are people waiting to meet you in that space, and even more eager to dive in after. There’s no more half-assing your awesomeness.

Virgo - Fact-checking your friends can wait for another day. Listen for the unspoken pain, the barely articulated joy, the real meaning underneath the words. Connect there.

Libra - So what if you are going in a totally unexpected direction? Sometimes life hands you a necessary detour. What if it’s part of the plan? What if there is no plan? Either way, enjoy!

Scorpio - Open up to the deeper questions in your heart. Have the courage to ask them, to begin an exploration into the thrilling and uncomfortable aspects of being. New awareness is waiting.

Sagittarius - Your roots are your riots, your laughter is your alchemy. Now what? Puzzle that out on a long hike. Don’t be afraid to recreate your world.

Capricorn - Trees communicate via root systems and with the help of signal-sharing fungi. Connect with your inner tree. Where are your roots? Who are your mushrooms? 

Aquarius - What is your ideal currency for a future world where anything goes? Procure/make/be some of whatever that is. Get it circulating. Trust me on this one. 

Pisces - You are writing your next chapter of life. Right now. There are so many more stories to tell when you give yourself full permission to show up in new ways.