Earth Day Horoscopes!

Horoscopes for April 22-28, 2019:

Aries - An uncomfortable truth is just beginning to make itself known. Relax into the discomfort, stay open, & muster all the patience you can.

Taurus - Respect your power as you flex it. Stay disciplined in your spiritual practice & liberal with your self-compassion. 

Gemini - Let your love soften & expand to include those you previously ignored. New connections are forming. Nurture them.

Cancer - Pick a theme song this week. Rock out to it on the way to work. Belt it in the shower. Dance to it in the grocery store. Allow it to become part of you. 

Leo - Fast forward through the slow parts of whatever you’re learning & zero in on what you actually need. Trust your own process more than ever.

Virgo - Spin around in circles for one minute each day this week. Call it meditation. Call it exercise. Call it crazy. Pay attention to how you feel. Recalibrate.

Libra - Nature is powerful medicine. If conflict arises this week, up your dose. Hold off on big decisions or difficult conversations until you’ve hugged a tree.

Scorpio - Eat your veggies. Try some new ones. Blend the routine & the exotic this week in healthy ways.

Sagittarius - Bigger isn’t always better. Delight in something seemingly insignificant this week. A tiny, quiet treasure just for you. Butterfly kisses for the soul.

Capricorn - Feast your eyes on a massive new dream. Let your imagination run wild. Sketch a castle in the sky & then get an estimate - it might be more possible than you think.

Aquarius - Take some time this week to lovingly lay to rest a part of your past you no longer need to carry. Say goodbye with gratitude & reverence, step into more space. 

Pisces - You are worth more than you realize, and your own happiness is of paramount importance to those who love you. So what do you need?