How Refreshing!

It’s Monday and this one feels full and juicy! Are you squeezing all the juice out of this one???

Horoscopes for April 29-May 5, 2019:

Aries - Time for some soul-searching! How are you blocking your own ability to receive what you need? Vulnerability is your best friend this week.

Taurus - Shine brighter, walk sassier, and belt out a sweet soul song. What’s possible when you show up in full? Woah. That’s what.

Gemini - Some solo time for deep reflection will work wonders this week. Get away from the noise and activity and see what arises from silence and stillness.

Cancer - Step up to the plate & do the darn thing. You know - the thing that scares you. The thing you think you can’t. The thing you deep down really, really want to. It will make waves. Bring your surfboard.

Leo - Where is your soul pulling you? It’s got your best interests at heart. Even if shakes up life as you know it. Be brave, be pulled, get all shook up.

Virgo - Yes, you’re *still* learning! It never ends. Get honest with yourself... what life lesson have you been avoiding? Time to dive in and earn the A+ you inevitably will.

Libra - Oh my gosh, WHAT are you wearing?! 

(Ok there, that feeling you just had - catch it! Was it good? Bad? Indifferent? How would you  *like* to react? Pay attention to the power of your emotions.)

Scorpio - Mirror mirror on the wall, if I don’t look, are you there at all? Time to get more curious about what your partnerships are reflecting to you. Don’t avoid the uncomfortable - face it.

Sagittarius - Find a rhythm that feels good  and dance through your days. Keep giving voice to what you want, as you tie up the loose ends on what is. Change is coming.

Capricorn - Sweet surrender is singing your name. Where would it feel good to stop resisting? Open to the unknown with a soft exhale of release. Rest.

Aquarius - Take a step back and survey your journey to date. How much have you overcome? How much have you created? What else is possible?

Pisces - Use your unique expression to share ideas and information in a brilliant new way. No pressure, though. You’re made of genius.