Spring Cleaning!

HOROSCOPES! - but first…

Marie Kondo - and every American who’s ever heard of her is (still) saying it: “This does / doesn’t SPARK JOY” and it’s getting on my nerves. So I sat with that a bit - I have resistance to doing that tidying work (mostly not enough hours in the day) and I definitely have resistance to catch phrases and pop-culture’s flimsy waves of what’s real…

But this time — this time I think I’m just resistant to something that would do me some good. And the notion of JOY in everything is supportive - it does resonate I just had to wave a broader wand. I’m home from a vacation with my family that was mostly truly wonderful. We had a weekend at home that was mostly awesome - and now it’s Monday and I was pushed universally last night to look “in my closet” (seen and unseen) and do some house keeping.

So that ‘pursuit of joy + demand for authenticity’ energy is coming hard today. YOU MUST come to this life with realness - because that’s all I have time for - and that’s all you really have time for too. You can’t afford lies. That check won’t clear.

Plus I feel all of them - they have a different weight and density than words that are true. I know - and more and more checked in people know. And anything other than truth is getting thrown out in this season.


Weekly Horoscopes from @leahtrox:

Aries - What do you need to learn in order to interact with others in more meaningful, impactful ways? Seek out opportunities that enhance your capacity to connect across differences.

Taurus - What juicy parts of life do you most want to sink your teeth into? Elevate your longing and let it pull you through any fear. 

Gemini - What kind of relationships nourish you the most? Clarify your wants and needs, communicate with kindness, and make time for connection.

Cancer - Forget how things “should” be and ask yourself how you want them to be. Your daily rhythm is ready for a shift, and will require you to think outside the box.

Leo - What would you do just for the joy of it? Are you willing to call that in? (Loud. Louder.)

Virgo - Take the high road and prioritize harmony. A strong foundation doesn’t have to be perfect to be functional. And it’s time to level up.

Libra - Love your neighbor as yourself. Switch that around if you really really love your neighbor.

Scorpio - Reach for the resources you know you need to do the things you most want to do. Nothing is off limits if you’re continually willing to stretch.

Sagittarius - Play with how you choose to show up this week. A new outfit, an unexpected change of plans, or a risk taken might lead to something yummy.

Capricorn - What request would your spirit make of you, right here and now? Practice deepening your listening.

Aquarius - Take everything you thought you knew and temporarily forget it. In a strange new world, what systems would you create?

Pisces - What do you want to be known for? What do you need to do in order for that to happen? (Hint: don’t play small.)

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