Horoscopes: May 13-19, 2019

Aries - Confront any untruths you’ve accepted in exchange for comfort, and be willing to rip off the bandaid and let the wound air out. Then heap on tenderness.

Taurus - You have the power to evolve your relationships by honoring your needs and living your truth. Acknowledge your impact while prioritizing you.

Gemini - How do you sabotage your own best interests? What’s one easy thing you can commit to to support your well-being? Do it! (Without overdoing it.)

Cancer - There is a creative spark that is dying to be fanned into a brighter flame. What are you scared of? How can you turn up the heat?

Leo - Take out the trash, clear out the clutter, hang some new art or paint the walls. Let your home evolve into the sanctuary you need now. Expand.

Virgo - Breathe. Keep breathing. Think about breathing. Feel yourself breathing. Count the seconds of each inhale and exhale. Stay here with each breath. Rinse. Repeat. (Life changing!)

Libra - Repeat after me: “I am worthy of being loved in my mess. I am worthy of being loved in my anger. I am worthy of being loved in my sadness. I am worthy of being loved here and now.”

Scorpio - You are integrating more aspects of your being, and oh, my darling, it looks good on you. Strut your stuff with an open heart.

Sagittarius - Love and light is great, but so is grief and shadow. Explore new experiences of greatness, potency, and depth. Profound feeling transforms our consciousness without words.

Capricorn - Out of the frying pan, into the fire! Burn away anything that interferes with your authentic voice. Then speak up.

Aquarius - Who leads the Aquarian age? We need you! Share your vision, live your dreams, build the crazy cool shit you want to see. The time is now.

Pisces - Your heart is a light and your wisdom is the torch. Hold it high and keep it burning. We need the torchbearers more than ever.