Scopes for Bodily Autonomy From The ✨

While I’ve got your attention, KNOW THE FACTS:

(1) Legal experts will be taking state level cases to court to block these laws from taking effect (2) while it's true that HB 481 does not make an explicit exception for women, our reading of the law is that it could NOT successfully be used to prosecute women, although we agree that an aggressive prosecutor might very well try. The bottom line is that the full implications of this bill are not yet known. Nor will they be unless and until they are played out in court. Anyone writing about this right now is simply speculating (3) MOST IMPORTANTLY it’s harmful to hypothesize about the unintended consequences of the bill at this point. I can't sleep for worrying about the patients who are not calling us - who feel abandoned by our state and are scared and alone - who think abortion is now illegal. It is our job at every opportunity to remind Georgians that abortion is safe legal and accessible in our state Please do not take up space on social media platforms sharing misleading and sometimes inaccurate information. Let's let the amazing legal teams do their jobs in court and instead spend our time sharing what people most need to hear - compassionate non judgemental care is available to those seeking abortions. #doorsstayopen

Thank you Staci Fox and @plannedparenthoodsoutheast for sharing the truth even as it shifts and tries to break us down.

‘Scopes - May 20-26, 2019:

Aries - Rally your community and stand up for bodily autonomy!

Taurus - Invest in organizations that protect and champion people’s rights to make decisions regarding their own bodies.

Gemini -Be vocal, show up, speak out against forced birth! 

Cancer - Do you believe in “my body, my choice”? Rise up! Use your voice!

Leo - Be passionate in defending your right to choose what is best for your body. This is not a time to be quiet.

Virgo - Fierce determination, bold words and actions, and a willingness to call out cognitive dissonance: bring it on, Virgo. The United Uteri of America need you.

Libra - Expect to make people uncomfortable when you stand for your own rights, beliefs, and needs. And also when you stand for women.

Scorpio - Take a deep breath. Then rage against attempts to further strip people of their most basic rights.

Sagittarius - Challenge the men in your life to be more vocal, more active, more engaged in supporting women’s rights. We’re all in this together.

Capricorn - Organize a fundraiser for your local feminist health center. 

Aquarius - Make music, make art, make something (anything) that agitates those who are determined to criminalize a woman’s right to choose her own life.

Pisces - Hold us. Love us. Feed us. Remind us to rest.