Horoscopes For a Short Week

My cup runneth over.
I can’t turn it off. 
I am so full. 
I should drink more water. 
I’ve been over served. 

Which one of those lines resonates with you when you see today’s illustration? Know — however you’re feeling on this Faux-Monday, (It’s Tuesday) you can keep feeling it. Keep on. You’re getting somewhere. How quickly do you want this to go?✨

Leah Tioxon’s Weekly ‘Scopes are here:

Aries - Soak up some sweetness this week and try not to overthink - or overdo - things. If someone hands you lemons, set them aside and go buy yourself a nice big lemonade.

Taurus - Reach for peace as often as possible this week. In music, in movement, in meditation. Try on different shades of peace and see which suit you best. 

Gemini - Get creative with your communication, but don’t expect everyone to be in a space to receive. Keep it light and breezy this week.

Cancer - Choose comedy over drama this week. Levity, laughter, and letting go will serve you well.

Leo - It’s been a wild ride. Stretch out in the sun and soak up some love this week. Astrologer’s orders.

Virgo - Treat yourself to a fave efficiency tool or extra indulgent time-saver this week. Then kick back, relax, and feel pretty.

Libra - See Virgo. And also, write yourself a love note. Stick it on your mirror. Read often.

Scorpio - If something has stung you recently, it’s time to take out the stinger and stop poking the sore spot. Apply soothing balm. Try not to plot revenge.

Sagittarius - Start your days with a impromptu dance party this week and shake out any excess energy, or just get your blood pumpin’. Bonus points if you get a Capricorn grooving with you.

Capricorn - Say yes to spontaneous offers of fun this week!  Change up your routine and invite more play, connection, and freedom.

Aquarius - Get silly. Get messy. Get a crazy pair of sunglasses. Don’t take yourself - or anyone else - too seriously this week. It’s time to clown around.

Pisces - Open up and ask for what you need. Or at least admit to yourself what that is, and what it might take to receive it. Then make a motivation playlist and rock out!