It’s Time For Weekly ‘Scopes!

Horoscopes for  June 10-16, 2019:

Aries - When your foundation seems shaky, remember the community *you* are creating. A lot of good people are already around you.

Taurus - When you aren’t sure you know enough to lead, take inventory of your investments in leading yourself to Love. You know - and you *are* - enough.

Gemini - When you don’t think you have what you need to thrive, remember who you are. Your authenticity will magnetize all that aligns with your essence.

Cancer - When you aren’t sure where others end and you begin, remember that you can retreat, regroup, and recenter. Stillness and space can bring you home to yourself.

Leo - When you aren’t sure you’re doing life to the best of your ability, remember your vision for humanity and all that stirs your soul. Keep going in that direction, however you can.

Virgo - When you aren’t sure you’re fulfilled by the things you’re doing, remember the times you truly shine. Take inventory of the impact you’ve made in that space.

Libra - When you feel you lack definition and you aren’t sure what feels most like home, remember you’re still learning and always evolving. Feel into new spaces. Stay fluid.

Scorpio - When you feel afraid to try on a new idea or confront an old belief, remember how much you gain when you exchange comfort for authenticity. Free yourself.

Sagittarius - When it’s hard to let others show up for you in ways you’ve previously been let down, remember that self-love is the bedrock of healthy relationships and trust is built on its foundation.

Capricorn - When you are scared to depend on others, remember how much more you can accomplish with a team. Stress less, do (and delegate) more.

Aquarius - When the to-do list makes you want to run away from life, remember to get creative and find ways to have fun throughout the day. Pay bills, get freaky.

Pisces - When you’re nervous to create something new or follow your heart, remember that you keep finding your way home, or to people who feel like home. You’re not lost, you’re growing.