Horoscopes | Full Moon in Sag conjunct | GALACTIC CENTRE BABY!

Horoscopes for June 17-23, 2019:

Aries - Activate your highest knowing, trust the ancestral wisdom alive in you, and move into a new chapter. No hesitation.

Taurus - Boldly venture into the taboo, the hushed, the secretive shadow spaces. Bring your heart and staying power. Open the doors and invite others to join you.

Gemini - Reflect what others most need to see, regardless of potential judgment. Use your humor and love to help people face hard truths and move past blocks - it’s not about you this week.

Cancer - Ground yourself in daily rituals with awe and reverence. Find the sacred in the tasks at hand, in your own two hands, and in the hands you hold.

Leo - Your passion is your guiding light, and a light to others. Follow it no matter the obstacles. Have faith in your own creative power and move deeper into joy.

Virgo - Envision the foundation that most supports you. Identify where you’ve stopped digging, where you’ve compromised more than you should, where you gave up too soon. Fix it.

Libra - Love yourself enough to set clear boundaries and communicate them with unwavering clarity. See this as the kindness it is to those who care about you.

Scorpio - All the money in the world can’t make up for selling yourself short. Grant yourself permission to feel loved, nurtured, and really f*cking happy.

Sagittarius - What do you want that you haven’t let yourself ask for? Be fiercely, courageously vulnerable. Catch a glimpse of your reflection as you do so. Gorgeousness. 

Capricorn - Let yourself sleep in. Nap. Go to bed early. Rest, deeply. Check out of beta brainwaves and dip into theta and delta. Let new frequencies into your awareness. 

Aquarius - You, exactly as you are, is so needed. No need to fit in when you’re born to stand out. Honor the innate wisdom of your unique being. And keep making us laugh!

Pisces - Just go for it! All in, full steam ahead, figuring it out as you go. People will scratch their heads. The smart ones will tag along. Lead on, into the new!