Horoscopes - for the SIXTH MONTH of 2019!

OMG this month means we’re almost halfway through the year. LIKE HOW?

June is upon us. I’m not feeling like I’m six months into 2019 but guess whut??? WE ARE so close to that mid-point. So - time to shove those sleeves back up and keep the machines running. DO GOOD WERK!


Horoscopes for  June 3-9, 2019:

Aries - Be inspired, write down your flashes of brilliance, but keep your feet firmly on the ground for now. It’s better to dream than do this week.

Taurus -  Explore new ways to obtain the resources you need. Let your imagination soar and new ideas drop in. What feels fun? 

Gemini - Is the story you tell about yourself changing? Is it it peppered with hilarious anecdotes and thoughtful reflections? Share more of you this week. It’s your season!

Cancer - Catch the sunrise - or sunset - this week and really take it in. Let things be nebulous and full of feeling. Float in that a bit.

Leo - You have much to communicate and much to do, but it’s not as urgent as it might feel. It’s ok to start with drawing out the various ways your last half of the year might go. 

Virgo - Get creative with your workflow and outer expression this week. Surprise your colleagues, your clients, yourself in delightful ways. Sensitive humor will get you far this week.

Libra - You are writing your own unique story! Are the things you say and agree to in line with the direction you’d like your story to go? Are they consistent with your character? Revise as needed.

Scorpio - It’s a week to look at maps and learn from other’s journeys. Plot out somewhere exciting to go, imagine what new part of you would enjoy the adventure. 

Sagittarius - How can your partnerships better meet your needs? How can you reciprocate? Something needs to be communicated, and it’s time to speak up. 

Capricorn - Did someone say skinny dipping? No, nope, not quite. You’re eager to let loose but get extra clear on the details this week before you, ah, dive in.

Aquarius - Try on something new - a new outfit, a new romance, a new restaurant... something, anything that piques your curiosity and excites your soul.

Pisces - It’s a Wizard of Oz week for you - realizing something you’ve long wanted is actually available, right in front of you. Maybe it looks a bit different than you imagined. But it’s there.