July 15th Horoscopes

Lunar Eclipse Week — It could be a wild one!
How do you want this to go?


Aries - You’ve got BIG energy and intensity. It’s not too much. You are not too much. Keep being you. More please!

Taurus - You have truth to tell and wisdom to share. It’s time to nail the coffin on anything that holds you back from doing just that. Keep sharing.

Gemini - You have so many layers and a desire to explore them all. Do it! Honor your depths and don’t shy away from asking a million questions.

Cancer - Your heart is so big and wide and deep. Be the oceanic love you are and drench everything around you in it. Let yourself receive just as much as you give.

Leo - You are a light that uplifts others. What you do matters less than what you *bring* to what you do. Keep being you, in a hundred little ways each day.

Virgo - You have a tenderly fierce heart that gives so much each day and is asking for a break. Make time to dance, to play, to laugh. Focus on enjoying the moments that make life worth living (if you don’t, it won’t be).

Libra - You are a home to someone or someones. Celebrate the comfort you bring to others and the sense of sanctuary you create. It’s no small thing. In fact, it’s everything.

Scorpio - You see what others cannot or don’t want to. You won’t let anything be swept under the rug because you cut the rug up to make art (or just because you felt like it). That’s cool. You are needed here. I love you, just the way you are.

Sagittarius - You are unquenchable and ever-reaching. You bring hope and laughter and leave a mess in your wake and it’s all good. You are worth every ounce of unstoppable love you bring.

Capricorn - You are a force to be reckoned with. You also know how to live it up. It’s time to embrace all the nuances of your fabulous multidimensional being, no matter how anyone else sees you.

Aquarius - Your consciousness goes so far beyond the limits of this reality. Let it! Celebrate your weird and your capacity to dream up new possibilities. Know that some of those dreams really can come true.

Pisces - Your leadership is needed and you can act in bold ways without detaching from your innate compassion. Keep showing up AND bossing up. You are an inspiration.