Horoscopes for the week of July 29: Affirmations for the New Moon

Weekly insights again from Leah Tioxon, Wonder Witch


Aries - My creativity is a force for good and I channel this energy in joyful, uplifting ways.

Taurus - My home is my sacred playground and I cultivate space to dream and design a world more suited to sensitive souls.

Gemini - New ideas and new connections are abundant as I contemplate how to fill gaps in my community.

Cancer - I ask for what I need and prioritize my self care. I can only get where I need to go when my gas tank is full.

Leo - I am ready to be seen in newer, truer ways. I allow a more mature, integrated expression of all facets of my being.

Virgo - I don’t need all the answers. I allow myself time to marinate in questions I used to be scared to ask.

Libra - I am ready to offer more of myself to the world. I allow myself to be supported by people who honor my truth. I no longer seek approval from those who misjudge me.

Scorpio - I’m prepared to deal with past mistakes and accept myself as I am, imperfect and growing. I make space for uncomfortable feelings and love myself through them,

Sagittarius - I reach for more than I think I can have, because those who dare to dream truly change the world. My joy is medicine and more is needed.

Capricorn - I allow myself time to reflect on where I’ve been and how I got to where I am. I admire my resilience and vow to ask for more help when needed.

Aquarius - I am learning to let people into my squishy tender heart more fully. But only if they know the secret password. (Cheeseballs)

Pisces - I am letting each day surprise me and being a little more open with how I feel and what I need. Go me!