‘Scopes for Super Retrogradey Eclipse Season

Horoscopes for July 8-14, 2019:

Aries - Dive into the current and let life take you towards what you’ve been dreaming/hoping/working for. It might be a wild, white-knuckled ride, but the next chapter is so worth it.

Taurus - It’s time to taste the fruit borne of seeds you planted long ago. Allow yourself the sweetness. Savor it.

Gemini - Find what works to support the life you want, no matter how unconventional it may be. You have the ability to design something spectacular. Trust your creative spirit.

Cancer - Truly anything is possible, even when it doesn’t seem available. It’s time to explore new options, and to dream up delightful options that don’t currently exist.

Leo - Know yourself and radiate your truth, with unwavering love. Nothing to prove. Nothing to apologize for. Fully asking for what works for you.

Virgo - As the Mercury retrograde period begins (again), call on patience to help you navigate these weeks with good humor and grace. Keep laughing, keep breathing.

Libra - Embrace new and recent shifts in your life as the seismic activity necessary to bring you into deeper alignment with your spirit. Let life bow to you. Blow kisses.

Scorpio - It’s time to change what isn’t working and work on what matters most. Be driven by your passion and show up for yourself like never before.

Sagittarius - Understand what you need in order to create what you most want. Take steps toward partnering with the people and procuring the resources that support your dreams.

Capricorn - Change your sheets. Redecorate your bedroom. Get nicer pillows. Sleep is important. So is cuddling. Create a better space for both.

Aquarius - Honor daily practices that bring you into connection with your creative spirit. Make time each day to dream, to draw, or to get messy as you let your abstract ideas take form.

Pisces - Don’t let a sense of not having what you need stop you from doing what you most want. Your creative energy is buzzing and it’s time to see what it can do.