Horoscopes for Greatness

Horoscopes for August 12-18, 2019:

Aries - It’s time for some romance, so hang up the Do Not Disturb sign & let your friends & followers do without you for a bit. They’ll survive. Maybe.

Taurus - Home is where the Art is! Your creative juices need time tucked away, even when it feels like work can’t wait. Find sanctuary amidst the bustle.

Gemini - Finding community wherever you go *and* knowing where to put down roots is a special balance, & one you can master. It’s ok to feel pulled - you’re growing.

Cancer - Hope for ease, prepare for difficulty, & remind yourself what matters most as you decide where your energy gets invested each day.

Leo - Glow bright & pray those closest to you can manage not to get burned. The best partners are the ones who celebrate your shine while honoring their boundaries.

Virgo - Something deep inside needs your attention & it might require foregoing the day’s plans. Soul searching doesn’t happen on a timetable.

Libra - Don’t be surprised if you have an especially extroverted week. You’ve got some great things to offer, & folks are ready to soak it up. Get out there! Don’t be perfect, just be you.

Scorpio - Prioritize work but in a way that makes you feel like you’re building a cozy home to keep you safe & nourished. What does work look like now?

Sagittarius - Look at all there is to learn & experience! Your circles are widening & you are expanding with them. Trust the foundation you’ve built & level up.

Capricorn - It’s transformation time. Let go of the bottom line & open to more magic. It’s not all in your hands. Open to receive even if you don’t believe.

Aquarius - You are great at being on your own but you are being called into deeper connection. Love is peeking all around your door from different directions. Open it!

Pisces - Each day matters. Each moment, each breath, each thought. Breathe your soul through your hands & brush your teeth in a way you’ve never imagined.