Hello, Virgo.

Horoscopes for August 26-Sept 1, 2019:


Aries - Focus your energy on what you bring to the table. What ways are you most deeply called to be of service in the world? Where do you feel your time is best spent?

Taurus - Let those creative juices flow like never before. Weave new ideas into being and expand your horizons in playful, passionate ways. It’s a week of opening and expansion!

Gemini - What kind of foundation will support you without tying you down? How can you grow your roots without feeling stuck? This is a week to redesign the supportive structures that nourish you.

Cancer - Get ready for a shift in your thinking, for new insights and ideas, for new ways of relating to the world. Keep an open mind and heart. See what moves you.

Leo - You have extra cosmic support this week in creating a practical, sustainable platform for financial growth and security. Open to new ways of generating resources, taking small, meaningful steps.

Virgo - Be YOU. Be you in bigger, brighter, more fun ways than ever before. Write a personal mission statement that reflects *all* that you are capable of being and doing.

Libra - There are some deep inner shifts happening for you, so give yourself plenty of downtime and gentleness. Let things unfold gradually without needing to analyze or control the process.

Scorpio - Stay as open as possible redirections and unexpected opportunities. Trust yourself to navigate new roads intuitively and gracefully.

Sagittarius - What do you need in order to work more effectively? It’s time to take some concrete steps that support your career goals and your work-life balance. You’ve got this!

Capricorn - Who’s the boss of your life? YOU are! It’s time to call some new shots and switch up your management style, and also maybe have an ice cream party. Have fun!

Aquarius - It’s a week to honor your deepest truths and take risks to connect in a space of vulnerability and openness. Share your feelings. Ask for what you need.

Pisces - Assess what you’re giving to others and where you’re sacrificing too much in your life. Serve yourself first.