Whoops! Horoscopes on a Tuesday!

Horoscopes for Aug 5-11, 2019:


Aries - Big ideas and big dreams are within closer reach than ever. Celebrate what’s working. Open to more ease.

Taurus - What depths are you dipping into now? Find home within yourself in even the deepest spaces.

Gemini - The time to build the world you want is here. It starts with who you choose to partner with and what y’all choose to create. Focus on the microcosm as you channel the macro.

Cancer - Rock the daily rhythm as the wheel of the year keeps on turning. Center your needs as you move through your day. What’s possible when you offer a little more time and love to you?

Leo - Do what excites you and share what you most love. Have fun with your creative process, try on new ideas, and bask in the warm glow of your fave season. Yeahhh baby!

Virgo - How can your home feel more like home? It’s time to focus on what nourishes you, what allows you to feel safe and open, what helps you rest and revel in the fruits of your labor.

Libra - As your circle expands, celebrate the warmth of loving connections and multiple rings of support in this web you’re so expertly weaving. Give yourself credit for how well you build community.

Scorpio - Werk it, babe. It’s time to embody your worth. Don’t ask - just show up. Do you. Let the world pick its jaw up off the floor and hand over the money.

Sagittarius - Well hello fairy godparent! You might find yourself in the beautiful position of both giving and being granted some extra special wishes this week. Keep the fairy dust ready. Sprinkle generously.

Capricorn - It’s the perfect time to witch it up with some deep magic or go on retreat. Activating new levels of superpowers is what you’re about. Total Boss Mode (but with more nourishment).

Aquarius - Friends and love and all that cheese. Soak it up. Enjoy the people who make life more fun, delicious, and strange. Like a plate of nachos you made when you were really high that one time...

Pisces - You are opening to new work or new ways of working that more fully support your life. Because you know what matters most. And you want more of that. While paying bills.