Weekly Scopes

Created by Leah Tioxon, our weekly horoscopes are sure to calibrate something for you today. It’s a new day. Enjoy it - wherever you are in the world and in your head.


Horoscopes for Sept 16-22, 2019:

Aries - Take a good look around. Appreciate all you do. Give yourself a break.

Taurus - You are spectacular. Love yourself extra this week.

Gemini - Let some unexpected support lighten your load this week. You might have more going on than you realize.

Cancer - Honest, direct communication will feel a bit easier this week. Speak your truth.

Leo - You’re creating some solid structure and finding a new rhythm that works for you. High five yourself!

Virgo - Go forth and be spontaneous this week! It’s time for some serious fun.

Libra - It’s a week to fix up your living space and make things feel more welcoming at home. Then relax and enjoy!

Scorpio - New ideas are dropping in - share them and see how they evolve. You might be surprised by what someone else can contribute.

Sagittarius - Fill your self-love cup and your bank account in equal measure. It’s a week to get paid and to pay yourself compliments first.

Capricorn - Your sense of self has deepened and the increased confidence looks good you. Check yourself out!

Aquarius - You’ve got some big soul growth happening, and it’s ok to feel like everything is in flux. You’re not a mess, you’re a beautiful human in the process of being.

Pisces - Put yourself out there! People are drawn to your humor, your ideas, and your excitement when you share your passions. See what they see.