Weekly Scopes

Horoscopes for Sept 2-8, 2019:

Aries - Make some small changes this week that help you take better care of you. Drink more water. Spend 30 minutes a day outside. Think simple & consistent.

Taurus - Spend more time with the people and places that kindle your inner fire this week. Let in the love. Skip to the beat of your heart.

Gemini - It’s time to make your home a little sweeter. Organize the shelves, get some cute air plants, let your home contribute to the life you’re creating.

Cancer - Are there conversations you’ve been avoiding or needs you haven’t communicated? Brush up on your compassionate communication skills and lean into the discomfort. It’s time to talk.

Leo - Pay the bills, write down your financial goals, get smart(er) with your resources. But don’t let your budget drag you down! If anyone can find a way to have fun with the adulting, it’s you.

Virgo - It’s your season in a bigger way than ever, so don’t hold back on going for what you want. It’s time to be all in, to surprise yourself, and to have a blast.

Libra - Take time each day this week to connect with your spirit. Meditate, dance, hug a tree, journal your dreams, or just light a candle and watch it flicker. Let it be easy.

Scorpio - Are you ready to completely change things up? It’s time to take steps in a bold new direction. Trust yourself.

Sagittarius - Work it! Bring your all into the work you’re doing or shift your focus to the work you most want to be doing. Passionate focus is your modus operandi.

Capricorn - Challenge your beliefs and open that mind extra wide this week. You make a great teacher but this is an especially great time for learning. Soak up new info!

Aquarius - Take a field trip to your dark side! Where do you judge yourself? When do you shut down? Love on those spaces and give yourself more permission to be.

Pisces - Your loved ones usually can’t read your mind. Practice being really clear and direct with those closest to you this week. Spell it O-U-T. With love.