Horoscopes for Sept 30-Oct 6, 2019

Aries - Focus on the things that give you a boost this week. You have big work to do, and it requires robust support.

Taurus - It’s a week to have some extra grace for people’s foibles, and to be forgiving of yourself, as well. Patience, humor, and a lil bit of magic will be your best allies.

Gemini - Take some time to review your needs and resources. Are you investing in the things and people that matter most? Move deeper into your true desires.

Cancer - Take inventory of your relationships and give yourself a sweet, safe space to reflect and connect. You have a lot to offer, in a lot of different areas.

Leo - You are getting things well sorted in terms of rhythm of routine, and a little bit of discipline will go a long way this week. Honor your boundaries and stick to a schedule that works for you.

Virgo - Curiosity might’ve killed the cat, but the cat also has nine lives. It’s time to take a bigger risk with what you’re capable of creating. Question your perceived limits.

Libra - You’ve redefined your concept of home, or your home life has shifted in some significant way this year. Take a moment to reacquaint yourself with your needs in this new dynamic.

Scorpio - What are you learning about yourself in relationship to others? What are you offering your community? There’s big work to do and you have a lead role to play.

Sagittarius - Facing your doubts and your shadows is challenging, even for your optimistic self. But you’re doing it! Be proud of where (and who) you are.

Capricorn - Bring your vulnerable side into the light, and into your work with others. You can boss up when the pressure is on, but at what cost to your heart and relationships?

Aquarius - There’s a lot surfacing from your depths, and it’s ok to give yourself some extra patience and cuddles. Go easy this week. Inner work is just as taxing as outer work.

Pisces - As you expand your network or step up in new ways, resist the temptation to hide behind humor. Be real with how you feel, the good AND the bad.