It’s That Time Again!

Horoscopes for Sept 9-15, 2019:

Aries - You are getting clearer on the *real* work that needs to be done. You’re ready to go deeper than ever before, with sufficient support and resources.

Taurus - You have more clarity around what you truly offer and the value bring to your community. Keep honoring those boundaries!

Gemini - You are ready to begin a new chapter, and to step up as a leader. You don’t have to know it all - just ask good questions, and listen well!

Cancer - You are learning new skills and applying your rich history and emotional awareness to causes that matter. Take care of you, too, as you make the world a bit brighter.

Leo - You are creating a supportive foundation for yourself that allows you to connect with others in new and deeper ways. Work smarter, not harder. Stay open to receiving support!

Virgo - You are more seen and celebrated than ever, in part because you are taking better care of *you* - and also because there are awesome people in your life who adore you. And you’re letting them!

Libra - You are ready to create a rhythm in your life that supports even more healing and expansion. It can be sweet and simple, yet very nourishing. Just keep on doing what supports you!

Scorpio - You are ready to follow a creative impulse and see where it takes you. Life is full of surprises, but often the twists and turns are perfectly a part of our path. Keep trusting.

Sagittarius - You are letting go of an old belief or way of being that has far outlived its usefulness. Greater freedom awaits. Spread those wings!

Capricorn - You are learning from those around you in profound yet subtle ways. Take some time to integrate the stories and journeys you’ve witnessed. They will inform the next chapter of your work.

Aquarius - You are having fun doing YOU, but there are still some fears and doubts clinging like cobwebs in the corners of your vision. Go ahead and sweep them away. Keep doing you!

Pisces - You have an amazing amount of charm and charisma (when you want to), and it’s ready to bring some interested people into your world. Dust off the welcome mat and get ready to entertain!