WHO IS Sarah Price?


"Follow Your Ease."

I’ve made my career as a project manager + translator at the intersection of creativity and technicality. I am most fulfilled when I’m helping people connect the dots and guiding them toward what they already, intuitively know. Most recently I’ve been running The Eddy, a marketing and design agency in Atlanta, GA. And in 2016 I created the You Are An Awesome Human project as a source of more goodness in the world. Along my journey, I’ve learned a lot about intentional living, dream catching, and grace. All of that makes me a better owner of what is mine. And it's all positioned me well for working with you to realize yours.

When you're ready for wall-down discussion, call me. I am a believer in the human spirit and in the power of the subconscious. By integrating the two - sometimes INTRODUCING the two, you will see change in yourself. Your perception of the world around you will evolve as we work together and as you change - because that's what you are here to do.

This work is built on practical principles, but it's full of ease, fun, and it's nothing short of magical. And I'm so glad you're here. 

- Sarah Price, Human and Professional Point Guard


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