DIY (For Real) Squarespace Workshop
1:00 PM13:00

DIY (For Real) Squarespace Workshop

  • Neon Cardigan Offices: Inside The Dickey, Suite K (map)
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A DIY (For Real) Squarespace Workshop hosted by Neon Cardigan + Let’s Go Studio.

Frustrated? Not able to crack the code to this “consumer friendly platform”? That’s okay!

It’s actually pretty robust and if you’re not used to getting around a CMS (content management platform - that’s what Squarespace is), it’s just not going to come naturally to you. That’s why we’re stepping in and up to host this three hour workshop to give you a boost!

Were empowering folks to create and manage their own site - and we’ll be there to hold your hand in this three hour workshop.

Inaugural workshop discounted pricing: $50!

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